• Crazy jasper Fancy shapes ,Self Natural pattern on it ,one of a kind,Creative # 1350
    • $24.99
      Crazy jasper Fancy shapes, Self-Natural pattern, one of a kind, Creative # 1350 Product-Jasper, Shape & SIZE- Rectangular Fancy Shape Plain- 13x18mm Appx. It has slightly Pitch on both ends. Dark Yellow - 47x11 to 17x11 mm Light Color 29x10 to 17x10 All shapes Length -16 inches appx Quality- AAA Top Quality one of a kind, . Measurements are close...
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    • 925 sterling silver Red Jasper pendent,62x43 mm, with nice patterns on, One of a kind piece,
    • $44.49
      Stay beautiful. Designed to be timeless, this pendant necklace boasts several Jasper oval in sterling silver. oval cot jasper, with beautiful patterns on it. one of a kind pendent 62 x43 mm appx SKU: AYS-JB-0022-A Code- . . .
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    • Twist Fanch shape Jasper, Brown color,16 inch, One of a kind 7x15 mm
    • $20.50
      Twist Fanch shape Jasper, Brown color,16 inch Product Name-Twist Fanch shape Jasper, Brown color,16 inch Shape- Jaspher Twist shape Fancy Size- 7x15 mm appx Length- 15 Quality - AAA 100% Natural African, Brownish Jaspher with multi color color self designs within. very uniquely cut & polished for creative jewelry. PROPERTIES- JASPER is the " Stone of Nurturing.” It supports one...
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