100% Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire Faceted Round necklace,4 to 5 mm appx. adjustable length 17 to 24 inch,Beautiful Lively blue.Reday to wear

Product Descriptions

A beautiful statement Necklace of 100%natural Ceylone Saphire , Lively blue, is 17 to 24 inch long with an extension to adjustable length clasp ball moves up & down for desire length. NO TREATMENT AT ALL

SIZE- 4 to 5 mm appx.

SAPPHIRE is known as "The Stone of Wisdom.” It brings lightness and joy and expands intuitive knowledge, guiding one toward the fulfillment of their dreams and desires. It helps one stay on the spiritual path and speak their truth. It's said to heal the eyes, calm and detox the body and remove stress..

P.Code - SC


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