100% Natural Moonstone Tumble , Peach,Gray,white 10x14 mm appx. 8 inch (# 1099)

Product Descriptions

Moonstone Plain Drop shape Multi color, Peach, Gray, white 10x14 mm appx. 16 inch # 1099

Product Name- Moonstone Multi color Raw Tumble
Shape- Raw Tumble
Size-- 10x14 mm approximate.mm mm
Length 16 inches
Quality - Beautiful, Nice quality & size

Moonstone is believed to be a stone of destiny. It is strongly connected to the moon and the divine feminine, making it a wonderfully helpful stone for women. It is worn to increase fertility and harmonize the mind, providing health and protection. Moonstone helps to align the hormone production, metabolism and reproduction. It allows deep-rooted feelings to energize and come to the forefront

We are Manufacture ,wholesaler of all kind Beads & cabs., shapes, variety ,custom styles/shapes with quality control to customer satisfaction. Large quantity orders are welcome.

*Weight and Measurements/Length/MM size are in close approximations

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