Andalusite Roundale Faceted 3mm appx. 15 inch ,Beautiful Brown. AAA Top Quality color & Luster,Best for Fine Jewelry piece.#300

Product Descriptions

Andalusite Roundale Faceted 3mm5 mm ,Best quality beautifull color. .

SIZE- 3 mm appx length 15 inches.

PROPERTIES-To add to it’s various names Andalusite is also considered the “Seeing Stone” as it allows one to see different facets of one’s character without judgement or bias while still remaining grounded. Also helpful in seeing other people, situations and issues rationally; then also a guides one to what is the ‘right’ path.  It is a stone of great energy that will assist one in accomplishing large, long term projects; ensuring success by assisting one to keep completely focused on the task at hand.
Said to have the ability to not only ward off evil wishing and cures, but alls the power to dispel negative thoughts and feelings transmuting them into positive, non-conflicted harmony.  Told to offer enhanced general memory as well as personal memory recall.
Offers one the understanding of chivalry, moderation and balance in all things. Assisting one to recover when thrown out of balance due to circumstances out of one’s control; facilitating the re-alignment and centering of all the bodies.

P.Code -S.CC


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