Chrome Diopside Faceted Rondelles Approx3.6 to 4.7 mm, 18 inch Strand,AAA Best quality,Green, Like Emerald.,Luster.

Product Descriptions

Chrome Diopside Faceted Rondelles Approx3.6 to 4.7 mm, 18 inch Strand

Product Name- Chrome Diopsite Rondale
Size-- 3.6 to 4.7 mm appx.

Length 16 inches
Quality - Beautiful, The best Quality, GEM GEM quality like Emerald.


Known as a creative stone, Diopside will help increase creative visualization, as well as refining one’s desired goals, which will manifest those goals in a quicker fashion.
It is said to be related not just to love and commitment but also to the deepest inner heart of hearts. To help one grasp their more feminine side, healing stubbornness and outward aggression, Diopside also brings about the true understanding of one’s dual nature, and how to best integrate the halves to make a complete and tranquil whole.
Believed to be helpful in healing emotional trauma by bringing about cleansing tears (which has given it to be called the “crying stone” in some circles). It has been known to help family members to cope when living with those who may be suffering from degenerative mental or physical disabilities; or those dealing with addictions.
It may also aid in the development of trust; in one’s self, and others. This often brings about assistance in living from the heart, and not just listening but to trust one’s inner instincts.

Code- EC.CC

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