Dendrite Opal Pendant, Natural Jade, Pearl Baroque, Natural Amber Gemstone Pendant,925 Sterling Silver Pendant For Men/Women

Product Descriptions

The Gemstone Pendant Made With 925 Sterling Silver.

Dendorite Opal,Natural Jade,Pearl Baroque,Natural Amber Gemstone Pendant,925 Sterling Silver Pendant For Men/Women,Birthstone pendant silver
Free Silver Chain & Free shipping- Sterling silver Pendant-Dendorite opal,Brown-Lapis-Pearl ,Best Bargain price, best crtaftmanship (#JB-00114)

Product- Dendorite Opal, Natural Jade, Pearl Baroque & Natural Amber Pendant
Shape- Multi Shapes

Size- Dendrite Opal 49x 30mm Approx
Amber 42x15 mm Approx
Pearl Baroque 44x31 mm Approx
Lapis 40x25 mm Approx Its Flat Lapis piece but the wirth and length is excellent, with Golden Pyrite. it is beauty.
Length- 16 & 18 Inch
Quality- AAA Top Quality one of a kind

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DENDRITE OPAL- The vibrations that emit from Dendritic Opal work on the same frequency as one’s inner energies, targeting them in particular to align the physical and spiritual energies.

In fact, the growth that is believed to come from Dendritic Opal is not just spiritual, but physical as well.

The stone contains powers that activate a person’s third eye chakra, strengthening their intuition to achieve more clarity in their perception of the world around them.

LAPIS LAZULI is "The Stone of the Guardian Spirits.” A protective stone known to block the evil-eye - dissolves emotional bonds and the sense of martyrdom. It opens up self expression of one's personality and on a physical level, helps with the respiratory, nervous system, boosts the immune system and purifies the blood.

ONYX is the "Stone of Old Memories. It is a secretive stone that holds memories of old injuries, helps to heal old griefs and sorrows. Onyx is used in "past-lives” work as well as in psychometry, telling of one's story thru it vibrational properties. It's healing properties help in re-frameing and healing past traumas. Beneficial for teeth, bone, and bone marrow issues.

We are Wholesaler & manufacturer. All length, measurements, size, weight are approximate

SKU- AYS-JB-00114
Code - Dendorite RE
Pearl RC
Lapis G

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