Emerald Half Moon/ Fancyt Shape 4.53x6.10 mm appx, Deep Green color, Lively, 100% Natural, creative. (#G-00045)

Product Descriptions

Genuine Emerald Half Moon/ Fancy shape Green color, Lively, 100% Natural, creative. (#G-00044)
No treatment,

with Some Black PK

CTS. 0.55
SIZE- 4.53x6.10

Green color
100% Natural, creative
Quality - Nice quality , 100 % Natural


EMERALD is "The Stone of Great Integrity." Often worn by royals to bring domestic calm and loyalty and averting misfortunes. It broadens vision, eloquence in expression and creating positive actions. I heals in the recovery of illnesses, detoxing the liver and soothing the heart and spine.

We are Manufacture ,wholesaler of all kind Beads & cabs., shapes, variety ,custom styles/shapes with quality control to customer satisfaction. Large quantity orders are welcome.

*Weight and Measurements/Length/MM size are in close approximations

SKU - AYS-G-00045-A
Code-cts 1.90 VC


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