Free chain with Green Jade Circle Pendant,with Italian Solid 925 silver Fope /Popcorn chain,Silver or Gold 25 mm best Gift for all occaision

Product Descriptions

Beautiful one of a kind Free chain with Green Jade Circle Pendant,with solid Italian Sterling silver Fope /Popcorn chain, Silver or Gold, Thickness 25 mm best Gift for all occaision. You can slect the chain size 16 to 30 to adjustable for your desired length. worth the money. Best Gift for all occasion.

Product- Green Jade CIRCLE Pendant with Free sterling Silver chain & Gold over Silver Chain ( made in Italy, One of the best & high Rated Craftmanship in Jewelry Industry.)

Shape- ROUND CIRCLE shape

Size - 25 mm appx.

Quality- AAA Top Quality one of a kind, Fine green color, there may be some color variation light to dark.
Due to the nature of the gemstones, the appearance of each piece may slightly vary in color and pattern.
Gemstones Rings are not metal, To be handle with care to avoid any damadge.


JADE is the "Stone of Luck and Self Sufficiency,” increasing love, nurturing and harmony. It encourages recognition of oneself as who we really are as a spiritual being in our human journey. Physically, it balances the energies within the body and assists in fertility and childbirth.

We are Wholesaler & manufacturer. All length, measurements, size, weight are approximate.
Disclosure- This ring is natural but treated. It is stone not metal.Metal can band on heavy impact but stone breaks apart because of it's natural formation as brital.

SKU- AYS-JB-00115 ( PC-180 & PC-180G)
Code -jade circle R.AC + chain(16 '' A.SI gx V.ZC ) Gold x R.GI= V.MI
(18'' Z.CI g x gx R.VG= V.IZ ) Gold x R.GI= I.CC
( 20'' Z.VC g x R.VG= V.SI ) Gold x R.GI= I.GC
(22'' Z.GR g x R.VG= I.AE ) Gold x R.GI= I.SA
(24'' Z.SI g x R.VG= I.EG ) Gold x R.GI= G.VS
(30' V.IV gx R.VG= G.GC Gold x R.GI= E.VI

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