Green Onex Oval 7x9 mm faceted , Green, , calibrated AAA Quality 8.5 inch strand. Very creative

Product Descriptions

Green Onex 7x9 faceted

Product- Green Onex 7x9 faceted
Size- 7x9 mm appx. calibrated
Shape- Oval
Length - 8.5 inches appx
Quality- AAA Top Quality one of a kind,


ONYX is the "Stone of Old Memories. It is a secretive stone that holds memories of old injuries, helps to heal old griefs and sorrows. Onyx is used in "past-lives” work as well as in psychometry, telling of one's story thru it vibrational properties. It's healing properties help in re-frameing and healing past traumas. Beneficial for teeth, bone, and bone marrow issues.

We are Wholesaler & manufacturer. All length, measurements, size, weight are approximate

Code -G.GC

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