Hematite necklace ,Christian rosarywith Cross and Fiber optic Beads,30 inch,green,Blue,orange pink.(JB-0096)

Product Descriptions

Hematite necklace ,Christian rosarywith Cross and Fiber optic Beads,green,Blue,orange pink. 30 inch appx.long
There Four different color,Please choose out of them, they are shown in photo too.


HEMATITE is known as "The Stone of the Mind.” It helps free self-limiting concepts within the mind, enhancing memory and encouraging creative thinking. Calibrating the Ying/Yang energies within the body and mind hematite attracts peace, happiness and a loving relationship. It protects the body from electro-magnetic field interferences such as computers and electrical appliances. It aids in the healing of spinal alignment, blood conditions and overcoming unwanted behavior.


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