Herkimer Diamond Quartz ,graduated 3x4 to 4x10 mm appx. 16 inch, 100% Natural as it as mined, alike Diamod,creative (# 1271)

Product Descriptions

Herkiman Diamond Quartz 3x4 to 4x10 mm appx.Freeform 16 inch, with Very miner Black spot, as it comes from mine. The faceted are Naturally done, which shine very nice.

Product-Herkimon Diamond QUARTZ,
Shape- Freeform Nuggets Faceted Naturally

Size - Graduated size 3x4 to 4x10 mm Appx. Some pieces are smaller, some are bigger in natural form
Length -16 inches appx

Quality- AAA Top Quality one of a kind,Looks like diamond but it is NATURAL QUARTZ. IT HAS BEEN NAMED BECAUSE OF IT LOOK.

Therapeutic Value : Gently energizes and creates warmth. Helps to discover love in ourselves and others. Lifts depression, creates confidence and peace. Helps the heart and circulatory system. Heightens personal expression

I have made every attempt to portray the colors of the beads as accurately as possible. All photographs are taken in natural diffused daylight, without any enhancement of any sort. Colors do vary on different monitors; please keep this in mind when viewing the beads, gemstones or supplies

Measurements are close approximations

Code -RZ

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