Hesonite facted Pear shape 8x11 mm 14 inch 100% natural, earth mined

Product Descriptions

Hesonite facted Pear shape 8x11 mm 14 inch
Each facet is done by hand

Product Name- Hesonite Garnet Coin Faceted 5.5mm
Shape- Round Coin Faceted
Size- 8x11 mm approximate
Price- $ 9.99
Quality - Beautiful, Nice quality & size 100% Natural

Hessonite is referred to as 'gomedhaka' in Sanskrit, and in ancient mythology, hessonite is believed to be the fingernails of Vala, an Indian God. It is one of the nine planetary gemstones in Vedic astrology. Hessonite is associated with Rahu, the moon's ascending node, and it is believed that wearing hessonite (2 carats or larger), will bring success, good fortune and longevity.
Garnet is a traveler's stone, in fact, many courageous discoverers and adventurers were known to wear garnet stones for protection. These gemstones were also considered to be powerful talismans, capable of illuminating the night and dispelling evil spirits. Garnet has often been used to lift depression and to rid people of bad dreams. Physically, garnets are said to help alleviate arthritis, varicose veins, backache, liver disorders and help prevent hemorrhages. Furthermore, garnet is said encourage romance, love and passion.We are Manufacture ,wholesaler of all kind Beads & cabs., shapes, variety ,custom styles/shapes with quality control to customer satisfaction. Large quantity orders are welcome.

*Weight and Measurements/Length/MM size are in close approximations

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