Iolite Faceted Oval 7x5 mm appx. 14 inch natural Earthmined. Creative One of a kind

Product Descriptions

Iolite Faceted Oval 7x5 mm

Product Name- Iolite Faceted Oval
Shape- Oval
Size- 5x7 mm approximate size

Quality - Beautiful, Nice quality & size , Natural one of akind

Iolite stones are a beautiful bluish violet colored stone that combines the energy of the throat chakra with the third eye chakra. It will assist with shamanic journeying... and if you have past life links to King Arthur's time it may help to solve old karma. The properties of crystals like these relate to how they help you to unravel the lessons that come through because of it.  It is a great stone for psychic artists to use, and they make beautiful jewelry... as they have stone properties that will aid the expression of your talents.

*Weight and Measurements/Length/MM size are in close approximations

Code- - Z.ZZ

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