Labrodorite AAA Quality Oval 28x43 mm 100% natural, creative

Product Descriptions

Labrodotite Oval mm

Product Name-Labrodorite Cabochon

Shape- Oval shape Cabochon

Size- 28x43
Quality- AAA 100% natural
Style- Plain-smooth

PROPERTIES -Labradorite cleans and opens the crown chakra by stimulating the wearer’s intuition. It is a power stone that allows you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. Use Labradorite to stimulate the imagination, develop enthusiasm and to see more clearly in meditation.

We are Manufacture ,wholesaler of all kind Beads & cabs., shapes, variety ,custom styles/shapes with quality control to customer satisfaction. Large quantity orders are welcome.

*Weight and Measurements/Length/MM size are in close approximations.


SKU- AYS-CB-00044-A
Code- cts 69.6

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