Lapis Lazuli 5 mm Round Plain ,16 inch ,blue color, 100% Natural , best Color,Most creative,

Product Descriptions

Lapis Lazuli 5 mm Round Plain,The best Color, Most creative,

Product Name- Lapis Round plain shape
Size-- 5 mm appx.

Length 16 inches
Quality - Beautiful, The best Quality,

Properties:-LAPIS LAZULI is "The Stone of the Guardian Spirits.” A protective stone known to block the evil-eye - dissolves emotional bonds and the sense of martyrdom. It opens up self expression of one's personality and on a physical level, helps with the respiratory, nervous system, boosts the immune system and purifies the blood.

We are wholesaler and manufacturer.Quantilty orders are welcom.
All the weights and length are approximate.

Code- E.CC

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