London Blue Topaz Rectangular Faceted 9x7 & 8x6 mm,Beautiful color , Clean ,Full of luster,Calibrated ,Best for Jewelry pieces (G-00108-A)

Product Descriptions

London Blue Topaz Rectangular Faceted
9x7 & 8x6 mm,
Beautiful color , Clean ,Full of luster, Calibrated ,Best for Jewelry pieces (G-00108-A)
Treated - irradiation, heating (standard treatment for swiss blue topaz)


TOPAZ is known as "The Stone of Love and Good Fortune.” It promotes openness to one's own inner wisdom, directing energy to where it is most needed, healing and stabilizing emotions. It manifests and magnifies visualization to heal and fortify all senses. It has the properties of a messenger intrusted to manifest. It produces a soothing, clearing and stabilizing effect with in the nervous system.

All Weights, measurements and length are appx.

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