Natural Malachite OVAL Cab 8x6 MM , very creative,one of a kind, Self sedign Patterns on it

Product Descriptions

Product -Natural Malachite Round Cab 8x6 mm. One of a kind, creative ptterns on it.Malachite Cabs Oval Shape 8x6mm Gorgeous Green Tones Accented With Black Striations

Quality- Top AAA Quality quality , Beautyful color.


MALACHITE is the "Stone of Transformation and Inner Vision.” It powerfully amplifies both Ying/Yang energies, encouraging adventure and risk taking, promoting psychic vision and deeper feelings while opening the heart to unconditional love. An extremely versatile healing stone, know to aid in psychological healing and transformation. It resonates with the female sexual organs, menstrual issues, parathyroid, immune system releasing toxic calcification of tissues. Malachite is a protective healing stone

*Weight and Measurements/Length/MM size are in close approximations.

SKU- AYS-G-00104-A

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