Natural Pearl Free form fresh water for Creative design or wire wrap (# 36 PRL)

Product Descriptions

Natural Pearl Free form, fresh water pearl. best for Creative design or wire wrap , Please pich what you like the size details below in MM size

1-Lion 40.7 mmx16.3 ,There is a Tiny hole in the middle
2- Bird Flying 30.7520.25 mm
3-Cross or tree over Fish at Bottom 41.35x29 mm

Note- It is one of a kind piece. This piece is drilled top to bottom on length. it can be designed by putting some gems with Basel or wire wrapped creatively,


PEARL is the "Stone of Sincerity.” Although formed from an oyster, it signifies purity, faith and spiritual guidance. Pearls enhance loyalty and bring sincerity. It relieves digestive conditions, increases fertility and ease childbirth.

We are Manufacturer and whole seller, Quantity/ volume orders are welcome.
All weights and length & size are approximate.

Code- A

.Natural Pearl Free form 26.19x16.5 mm fresh water pearl. Straight drilled top to bottom, best for Creative design or wire wrap (# 31 PRL

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