Natural Rhodochrosite Briolette.Beads,Bead Necklace,for jewelry making,October Birth stone,Pink,Red gemstoneGemstone Bead ,Gift for her#1428

Product Descriptions

Natural Rhodochrosite Briolette , .Beads, Bead Necklace, for jewelry making, Gemstone Bead, Gift for he

Product Name- Rhodochrosite Plain COIN

Size-- Pear Briolette 12.2x21.5 to 7.6 x11.6 mm appx. One strand

Oval Briolette 17.4x11.56 One strand

Length 16 inches
Quality - Beautiful, The best Quality, GEM GEM quality

Properties:- Rhodochrosite is a stone that assists one to live in our spiritual beliefs, facilitating the balancing of the emotional processes, smoothing energy flow, emotional expressiveness, kindness, tolerance, compassion and self love.
A stone of comfort, harmony and healing; Rhodochrosite may be used to assist one to attain attunement to the higher self, opening and enhancing one’s spiritual awareness to reach the highest levels possible.
Often the contradiction of the duality of nature and the soul may be puzzling; Rhodochrosite assists one in the expansion of the consciousness to integrate new information, acceptance and understanding of this duality, which may help one to discover their purpose in this chosen life. it is the stone for showing us the Love of The Mother in all of us.
Physically Rhodochrosite assist in restoring poor eyesight, balances the thyroid and invigorates one’s sexual organs.

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