Pink Peruvian Opal Round 8 mm,Pack of 2 Pcs. Best Quality ,Pin,, very creative. 100% Natural (CB-00178)

Product Descriptions

Pink Peruvian Opal Round 8 mm Best Quality ,Pink,, very creative.Hard to find this Size & Quality Multi Color 100% Natural as can see some variotion in color in the strand.


Quality - Beautiful,AAA Nice quality , Since it is natural there might be slightly color variation one to another piece.


OPAL is known as "The Gem of the Gods.” It arouses the great passion, innate clarity and understanding of one's mental and spiritual nature. It opens up the possibility for amusement, lightness and spontaneity to life. Opal absorbs and reflex energy fields and replenishes one's will. It purifies the blood, eases PMS and strengthens memory.

We are manufacturer and wholesaler.All length,weights and measurements are approximate.

SKU- AYS-CB00178

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