Pink Tourmaline Tumble ,7x9 mm unpolished 16inch full strand.Hard to find, very creative.Multi Color #1412

Product Descriptions

Pink Tourmaline Tumble ,7x5 mm 16inch full strand .One of a kind, very creative.

Shape- Pink Tourmaline Nuggets
Size-- 7x5mm approximate
Length- 16 inches
Quality - Beautiful, AA Nice quality ,


TOURMALINE is known as “The Stone of the Shamans” used as a “telling” stone, to evoke the awakening of self as a spirit and experience oneself as part of the Great Spirit. It is thought to bring healing powers to the physical plane, balancing both the left and right side of the brain, as well as enhancing physical health and spiritual health


We are manufacturer and wholesaler.All length,weights and measurements are approximate.

Code- I

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