Prehnite & Sodolite Oval Plain 15x20 , Unusal 100% natural, creative patern of Dark green blackish flakes inside.self designs.

Product Descriptions

Prehnite & Sodolite Oval Mani Plain 15x20 ,100% natural, creative pattern of Dark green blackish flakes inside. Unusal

Product- Prehnite

Shape- Oval Plain

Size - 15x20 mm
Length -16 inches appx
Quality- Best Cut and Quality for creative design. One of a kind,Good combination of blue n green in one strand


PREHNITE is "The Stone of Unconditional Love" often used in meditative practices to enhance prophesy and the higher contact with the self. It has a protective field and brings coherence and calmness to one's endeavors. A chosen Feng Shui stone to remove cluttered energy. Used in treatment of bladder, kidney and connective tissues.

We are manufacturer and whole seller. Large orders are welcom.

All size, length and weights are approximate.

Code - V.CC

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