Rutilated Round Fancy Plain Roundale, 15 mm appx. 16 inch, 100% Natural , Exception ,Creative Designer's choice,Off white color,Rare,(0008)

Product Descriptions

Rutilated Round Fancy Plain Roundel, 15 mm appx. 16 inch, 100% Natural , Exceptional , Creative Designer's Ignore white color,Rare.Drill hole is 1 mm appx.

Product-Rutilated QUARTZ, Color is lighter than the Listing photo.
Shape- Rondale Mellon shapePrice- $74.99
Size - 15 mm
Drill Hole- 1mm Appx.
Length -16 inches appx
Quality- AAA Top Quality one of a kind,it is NATURAL QUARTZ.
Very Creative,hard to find item
RUTILATED QUARTZ is the "Stone of the Angels.” It is believed that the wearer attracts celestial guides. It helps with self expression and clarity during large transitions, while maintaining a strong-hold in the present realities. It illuminates the soul and helps one to let go of the past blocked energies.

I have made every attempt to portray the colors of the beads as accurately as possible. All photographs are taken in natural diffused daylight, without any enhancement of any sort. Colors do vary on different monitors; please keep this in mind when viewing the beads, gemstones or supplies

Measurements are close approximations

Code - M.IC

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