Sterling silver Pop corn chain, necklace,4.8 mm wide, Italian, Lays out much wider, Lobster claw clasp, Rich & famous look ( PCO -490 )

Product Descriptions

Beautiful Pop Corn chain, ,Necklace with Lobster Clasp, 4.8 mm wide Non tarnishing , Rich & famous Look. It is very popular  & very different , Lays out much wider & shiny facet on it Glitters for Rich & famous Look l. Fine craftsmanship, made in Italy.

One of the best and precious gift item. Italian Jewelry is one of the most high ranking in the jewelry industry. Worth the price. Non tarnishing.

• Style: POP Corn Chain
• Metal: Sterling silver
• Finish: High polish

• Clasp: Lobster claw
• width / spread/thickness Chain dimensions: 4.8 mm

SKU: PC O-490
Our code- up dated Oct 2021
16 '' 8 gm R.MI= RI
18'' 8.7 R.MI= RG

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