Sugilite tear drop, streight drill 8x12 mm ,unusal, 100% Natural (#914)

Product Descriptions

Sugilitw tear drop, streight drill 8x12 mm ,unusal, 100% Natural.

Note- Some shops are selling too cheap Sugilite, infect they are not real, either it is fake or quartz is treated into look like sugilite.

Product Name- Sugilite Tear Drop streight drill, Plain 10mm
Size-- 10 mm.

Length 16 inches
Quality - Beautiful, The best Quality,


Sugilite is a balancer of the mind, body and spirit. ...
It is also told to protect against as well as dissipate anger and other negative energies whether from oneself or others.
Sugilite is said to strengthen the heart, aid in physical healing and reducing stress


Code- A

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