Tiger Eye Bracelet Double,Rowt Sacral Chakra Healing Stone ,Virgo Zodiac, Vitality ,Passion| Energy Boost ,Creativity,Protection

Product Descriptions

Tiger Eye Bracelet .One of a kind, AAA Qty.Ready to wear

Length- 7.5 inch but expandable since it is on lastic thread, stretchable
Quality - Beautiful,AAA Nice quality ,


TIGER'S EYE is known as "The River of Humanity” bringing together the energies of the Sun and the Earth, enhancing dynamic beauty and practical perception. It helps alleviate depression allowing one to open and blossom with optimism. Tiger's Eye helps fill the gap between "wishing” and of "having” opening up the prospect of wealth. It is used in the treatment of eye disorders and stimulates throat and reproductive system.

We are manufacturer and wholesaler.All length,weights and measurements are approximate.

SKU- AYS-JB-00125
Code- A.IC

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