Tourmalinated Quartz Flat Briolette Faceted 8.6x9 mm side drill , Black & white, AAA Best Quality 8 inch , 100% natural

Product Descriptions

Tourmalinated Quartz Flat Briolette Faceted 8.6x9 mm

Product- Tourmalinated Quarrtz Flat Briolette
Size - 6x10 to 6x12Appx.
Length - 8 inches appx
Quality- AAA Top Quality one of a kind, Creative with patterns of black lines inside.


TOURMALATED QUARTZ is known as the "Stone of Good Fortune," and carries the positive aspects of both quartz and tourmaline, and can be rubbed when powerful luck is needed. The clear quartz is a healing amplifier while the black tourmaline has a cleansing, grounding influence. This stone brings clear thinking and protects from unhealthy energy patterns

We are Wholesaler & manufacturer. All length, measurements, size, weight are approximate

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