Turquoise Rectangular Faceted 7x11 mm Exceptional 15 inch mm appx., 100% Natural earth mined, very creative &Exceptional

Product Descriptions

Product -Turquoise Rectangular Faceted 7x11 mm
Size - 7x11 mm appx
Length- 15 inch
Quality- Top AAA Quality quality , 100% Natural, Beautyful color. One of a kind , Bluish color, . calibrated- all same size


TURQUOISE the stone known as a "Master Healer.” It is a purification stone, though grounded and protected it provides higher energy levels for healing and cleansing. It unites the earth and the sky, bringing together the male and female energies, enhancing the physical and the psychic immune systems, stimulating romantic love.

We are Manufacture ,wholesaler of all kind Beads & cabs., shapes, variety ,custom styles/shapes with quality control to customer satisfaction. Large quantity orders are welcome.

*Weight and Measurements/Length/MM size are in close approximations.

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