White Quartz Heart shape Dual-Faceted and carved otherside,100% natural,Exceptional,10 inch,most creative

Product Descriptions

White Quartz Heart shape Carved & Faceted Bach ,Bottom Drill
8.7x10.6 to28x21 mm

Product-Natural White Quartz. Heart shape
Shape- Diamond shape Faceted
Price- $199.00
Size - 8.7x10.6 to28x21 mm
Length -10 inches appx
Quality- AAA Top Quality one of a kind, Fine Luster, Reversable


QUARTZ CRYSTAL is known as "The Stone of Manifesting." Is is the most powerful healing, cleanser and amplifying crystal. It is able to store information and used as a programming receptor.
This Master healer vibrational connects the physical to mental and spiritual level. It harmonizes the chakras and all functional systems of the body.

We are Wholesaler & manufacturer. All length, measurements, size, weight are approximate

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